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Assisting businesses in Queensland and across Australia to efficiently manage their IT needs and create practical technology solutions for over 30 years


Based in Brisbane, Data Fast Systems specialises in crafting Information Technology solutions tailored for small to medium businesses. Founded by Greg Burrowes in 1984, our company provides clients with a seasoned and cost-effective option compared to hiring full-time I.T. staff. Our commitment lies in delivering an exceptional experience through outstanding support characterised by prompt and friendly service.


Elevate your business with our comprehensive services. From expert network administration to consulting, procurement and installations -
we've got you covered!

Your success is our priority.


Network Administration

Data Fast Systems can manage your business' complete technology needs which means you don’t need to pay for full-time I.T. staff. We can organise an audit of your current infrastructure and your needs to see if they match up and provide advice on the best options to serve your business. We can also handle the complete procurement, installation, maintenance, servicing and repair of most of your infrastructure.

Our business is keeping you in business, we do this by:

Making sure you have the right equipment for your needs.
Performing regular preventative maintenance on your server.
Continually monitoring your server and client computers for signs of trouble.
Responding to automated email alerts from your server to reduce potential down-time.
Ensuring that you have good, regular backups to prevent a potentially costly loss of critical business information and to help your directors meet their regulatory compliance obligations.
Providing prompt, friendly general technical support.


Consulting Services

We can work with you to help determine the best solution for your needs. Whether you need a server installed, your network setup or you have a problem you can’t solve - we can help you from start to finish and provide ongoing support. Even if you just need a second opinion or guidance with your I.T. infrastructure issues we’re happy to offer our expert advice.


Procurement and Installation

At Data Fast Systems we work closely with you and your team to ensure the most suitable hardware is deployed within your business.

As a HP partner, we supply HP desktops, laptops, and servers, all with exceptional HP warranty response times.

We also supply other brands such as Dell, Toshiba, and ASUS, depending your budget and performance requirements.

Quick Support

Data Fast Systems have partnered with Team Viewer to enable secure and simple remote access


Click below to our customised Quick Support remote access utility.

To help our customers and for us to keep delivery excellent customer service, we have designed a Client Portal. From this portal our customers can access current and past ticket history as well as create new requests.


Client Portal

Many small to medium sized businesses don't need or can't justify the expenditure of employing a full-time staff member to manage their I.T. infrastructure. We offer a better alternative to employing full-time I.T. staff at a fraction of the cost. We're available when you need us and you're not paying for our services when you don't. We provide you with access to a complete I.T. team to keep your business in business.



We understand your need to keep costs down but this does not mean that you have to sacrifice service quality. We charge in 10 minute increments so you don't have to pay for a full hour if

we've only worked for 30 minutes. You only pay for the time that we are actually doing work for you. We don't lock our clients into contracts or charge set monthly fees. We strongly believe in letting our clients know what they're actually paying for. When we send you a support invoice we include a complete report detailing what was done, when it was done and how long it took.


We work with your business to help prevent unnecessary down-time by providing regular preventative maintenance checks. Losing critical business information can cost a small fortune to fix - we help make sure that this doesn't happen by ensuring you don't lose the information in the first place. We offer consultancy services to make sure you have the right equipment to suit your needs. To make things easier for you we can manage the complete I.T. procurement, installation, maintenance and support needs of your business.

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